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The First 50.000 – Thanks!

As I was preparing to depart to bed, the magical counter was approaching 50.000 visitors. In record industry of yesteryear, first 25.000 sold records were silver, 50.000 would be a golden platter, and 100.000 would be platinum platter. Well, this blog, with several news a day clocked visitor #50.000 on the day when the team layed a ground foundation for a new website. The domain is registered, we selected hosting provider in the US and now it is up to programmers to make the site come to life (we already have alpha code up). At launch, you’ll be welcomed with articles written by experienced journalists


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Akasa’s little “Made in Europe” cooler is absolutely brilliant

Long time ago, I received Akasa REVO Cooler. This cooler is based on new concept, and it is not “yet another heatpipe cooler”. Instead, REVO is designed around concept called “bubble-pump” – dual-component coolant that circles in hermetically sealed environment. All in all, product that should be compared to water-cooling products, not heat-pipe or vapor chamber ones. The downfall of the part was its unattractive looks, because performance-wise, this baby packs some serious punch. When I spoke to Adrian and Caterina, they were quite cautious about the performance, claiming the part was oriented towards silent computing, and not enthusiasts. While this may be true, this