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Glenn Greenwald Will Publish List of Americans Spied on by NSA

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As we come closer and closer to Edward Snowden’s interview tonight with none other than Brian Williams of NBC, Glenn Greenwald has said (while promoting his new book) that he will be publishing a list of Americans (likely high profile individuals) that are being spied upon by the NSA. This list of NSA targets that are American citizens (something the NSA cannot really do without specific permission) will likely open up exactly who the NSA is spying on in terms of people inside the US. We will discover what kinds of groups they’re targeting and where those people come from as well, and it will



Sad, but true: 91% of European families lead war over the TV remote

I’ve just received news from Logitech – the company published the results of their survey, with quite an interesting topic. As it turns out, it seems that 91% of families in Europe argue about the control of the TV remote. 72% of the people involved in this survey ended in a argument, 12% threw away the remove, and 7% ended up in physical confrontation, most known as “the fight club”. Seeing these results made me laugh, since regardless of where I lived in Europe, that being Zagreb/Sisak in Croatia, Duesseldorf in Germany or London in UK, my friends were always saying that Americans are “couch