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Nexus 6 Leaks Ahead of Expected Launch

Nexus 6 Leak

Popular smartphone leaker, Evan Blass, also known as Evleaks, has leaked another much anticipated device, the Google Nexus 6, supposedly made by Motorola


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HTC Nexus 9 Launches at $399 on Oct 15th, Available Nov 3rd

HTC Nexus 9

We have learned that Google’s latest tablet, the HTC Nexus 9 will be launching on October 15th at $399 and will be available in stores November 3rd.


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Android L Preview – Making Stock Android Attractive to All

Android L Release

Another year, another Google I/O and another major announcement that makes everyone immersed in the Android and Google universe stop and listen.  This year it wasn’t about Google+, wasn’t about a new Nexus but it more so about Android’s new generation.  Android’s new direction.  Android L. Since the revolutionary update Ice Cream Sandwich in the Galaxy Nexus in November 2011, Android has only seen incremental upgrades.  While very necessary and most cases the updates to Jelly Bean and most recently Kit Kat have been much welcomed but we haven’t really seen any major changes since then.  Well, at Google I/O this year… that changed.  Android


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Did Google Leak the Nexus 9 During Google I/O?

Google Material Nexus 9

After yesterday’s unbelievably long Google I/O opening keynote, Google published a lot of supporting documents. Some of those documents include the Android L Release’s own Material design and the supporting documentation. If you go through that documentation, you will notice that they have renders of familiar Google hardware. That includes the Google Chromebook Pixel and the Google Nexus 5. However, there is also an interesting device that appears to be an Android tablet sitting between them. That device actually fairly accurately represents the description given by rumors of the potential Nexus 9 tablet that is built by HTC and powered by Tegra K1. The above


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Google IO Bombards Android Users with Announcements

Android Material Design

This year’s Google IO opening keynote was by far one of the longest keynotes I have ever watched by a single company, let alone a single presenter (2 1/2 hours long). This year’s announcement was squarely focused on the Android operating system and barely on any hardware at all. In fact, almost all of the hardware mentioned today at Google IO has already been announced in one way or another. So, unlike many were expecting, Google did not announce a new Nexus 6, Nexus 9 or any other Nexus devices. They talked about the Moto 360 and the LG G Watch but that was about