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Apple’s Q1 FY2015: Most Profitable Quarter in Corporate History

With record revenue and profits, impressive growth in China and an upcoming wearable device, Apple is in for a good start this FY2015.


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Say Hello to The Microsoft Band, a Fitness Band for All

Microsoft Band

Microsoft was rumored to be releasing a fitness band called the Microsoft Band early on Wednesday, Microsoft shortly thereafter launched it to the public.


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The New Apple: iPhone 6 and Watch

Apple Watch

There is no denying that Apple (NASDAQ: APPL) is a different company from the days when Steve Jobs walked the halls of the company’s Cupertino headquarters. Apple is now run by Tim Cook, Steve’s operations guru that managed to enable Apple’s ruthless efficiency and even more importantly their absolute profit margins. It comes as little surprise that Apple comes off as feeling dull to many since Jobs’ death in four years ago in 2011. Sure, four years is a long time in the tech world, but when it comes to a company like Apple, it takes time for someone’s impact to wane, like Jobs’. Let’s not forget that


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Introducing The Apple Watch, The New Nexus For iDevices

Apple’s live event in Cupertino today saw more than the iPhone 6 announcement; the mobile giant also unveiled its new smartwatch contender, the Apple Watch. Like everything else it does, Apple’s presentation of their new watch was accompanied with gusto; audiences were informed on exactly how the new device would fill out the company’s growing ecosystem. The Apple Watch does indeed fill an interesting role in “iDevice” webwork. The new device is essentially a mini-smartphone that can some surprising things, and tethers to an iPhone to relay content. Apple’s smartwatch is in itself an innovation in practicality and mirrors quite a bit of a smartphone’s functionality.