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14nm AMD Greenland tapes out: Attack on NVIDIA Pascal, Intel Xeon Phi


Couple of days ago, GlobalFoundries issued a press release stating that they ‘demonstrated silicon success on the first AMD (NASDAQ: AMD) products using GLOBALFOUNDRIES’ most advanced 14nm FinFET process technology.’ “FinFET technology is expected to play a critical foundational role across multiple AMD product lines, starting in 2016. GLOBALFOUNDRIES has worked tirelessly to reach this key milestone on its 14LPP process. We look forward to GLOBALFOUNDRIES’ continued progress towards full production readiness and expect to leverage the advanced 14LPP process technology across a broad set of our CPU, APU, and GPU products,” said Mark Papermaster, Senior Vice President and Chief Technology Officer at Advanced Micro Devices.


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New AIDA64 Supports Windows 10 and Tizen, New Hardware


Tamas Miklos, author of AIDA64 contacted us to let you all know that v5.30 of his multi-platform tool came out today. AIDA64 is one of most versatile system detection and benchmarking applications, supporting practically every major operating system. If you want to know more about your computing device, AIDA64 is one of best tools out there, and the list of new items supported in v5.30 is just impressive. While you could install the application on Apple iOS, Google Android and Microsoft Windows, v5.30 brings in full support for Windows 10 and Server 2016, as well as Samsung Tizen OS. This is a list of changes for the application: New


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AMD’s Carrizo Takes Center Stage at Computex 2015


AMD used Computex to show off its latest SoC.


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AMD Reveals Five-Year Roadmap For GPUs and CPUs

AMD Restructuring

AMD will launch its next-generation GPU in 2016, with the SkyBridge platform set to debut later this year.


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AMD’s Carrizo Offers Big Power Savings Over Kaveri

AMD Restructuring

AMD’s new APU geared for laptops and low-power desktops offers big power savings over Kaveri thanks to the new Excavator core.


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AMD Set To Take Software Experience To The Next Level With Catalyst Omega

AMD Catalyst Omega

See what’s new in the upcoming update to AMD’s Catalyst software suite.


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John Docherty’s Switching Gears from AMD to GlobalFoundries Benefits Both


AMD’s SVP jumps ship to GlobalFoundries is a win-win situation?


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AMD’s New 20nm APU Could Lead to Xbox One Slim Model

Xbox One console

AMD and Microsoft have shrunk the Xbox One’s main processor in an effort to maximize efficiency and costs.


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AMD Slashes Prices Of Desktop Kaveri APUs

AMD Kaveri

The discount means that APUs like the A10-7850K are now retailing for as low as $143.


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AMD Prepares APU Price Cuts


AMD (NYSE: AMD) is cutting the prices of its APUs in anticipation of the holiday shopping season and you might just be able to build a fast a great system on a budget this holiday season thanks to AMD. The prices you see below are ‘suggested’ etail prices, meaning that you will very likely only see these prices in online stores and they could actually go lower. For example, an A10-7850K is going for $179.99 right now on Newegg, but since it appears the price cuts have not been made effective there yet, you should wait to buy that APU until they are. After all, AMD


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A Look At The New AMD A10 7800 APU


A10 7800, a new locked FM2+ APU. This new APU from AMD has 12 compute cores split between 4 CPU and 8 GPU. The Kaveri cores are clocked at 3.5GHz it can go up to a 3.9GHz with Turbo, and the GPU clock speed is 720MHz. The APU has a TDP of 65W making this a great choice for those wanting to build an energy efficient build. These would be well suited to a HTPC or entry level build. Today the 7800 will be put through its paces and see how it performs. Test System AMD A10 7800 MSI A88X G45-GAMING Team Vulcan DDR3 2400 2x8GB Mushkin


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AMD Announces 64-bit ARM Opteron A1100-Series Dev Kit

A1100 overdrive

AMD [NYSE:AMD] has announced that they are making available their AMD Opteron A1100-Series developer kit to developers, using the company’s own 64-bit ARM A57-based CPU codenamed “Seattle”. These developer kits, which will be priced at a hefty $2,999 dollars will enable developers of enterprise applications to code their applications for AMD’s 64-bit ARM server processors. AMD is currently the only company offering a full ARM server stack that includes software, hardware, and platform support. They’re the biggest company currently in the ARM server market, but that is both a good thing and a bad thing. Its good because they technically don’t have many competitors, yet, but


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AMD Posts Weaker Than Expected Earnings, Stock Plunges


Yesterday, AMD reported their earnings for the second quarter of 2014, with a lot of investors watching to see if AMD can complete their turnaround. They reported a net loss of $36 million even though they had an operating income of $63 million on $1.44 billion in revenue. Their non-GAAP operating income was $67 million and a non-GAAP profit of $17 million with the exclusion of the $49 million loss from debt redemption in the quarter, pushing the company’s GAAP earnings figures into the negative once again. Based upon these figures, this translates to a loss per share of $0.05, slightly more than what some


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AMD Reports Expected Improvement in Q1 2014 Earnings

After Intel reported their earnings for the first quarter of 2014, many people expected AMD’s earnings to mirror that of Intel’s or to do worse. Well, by the looks of it, AMD’s earnings have mirrored that of Intel’s in terms of remaining fairly stable and ensuring that their core business is strong. AMD reported a net loss of $20 million (or a non-GAAP profit of $12 million) on $1.4 billion in revenue which translates to a loss per share of about $0.02 or a non-GAAP profit per share of about $0.02. Wall Street’s estimates for AMD’s non-GAAP earnings were at an EPS of $0.00 and


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PlayStation 4 Sales Surpass 7 Million

Sony Playstation 4

Sony’s popular PlayStation 4 console appears to be continuing its amazing momentum in terms of sales as Sony, the console’s maker, has announced that as of yesterday the company has shipped over 7 million units of the popular console. Since the console’s launch in mid november, only 5 months ago, they have managed to average over 1 million console sales per month. This does take into account the 1 million sold on the first day, but even if you take that number out, it puts the PS4 at 6 million units in 5 months, which still means over a million PlayStation 4 consoles sold per