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North Star from Leap Motion is the next level of AR interface

Years ago, Leap Motion made headlines when they released footage of their intuitive Leap Motion device. For those not familiar with their namesake, this peripheral allowed users to control everything on their PCs with intuitive motion controls and gestures, as seen in the video below. In the years since that video’s release, Leap has successfully released that product and used it to supplement VR controls and development. While they haven’t released anything else since, they’ve been working hard in the background on AR and VR, and through Project North Star, they’re hoping to take AR interfaces to the next level. When most people think augmented


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Japanese Avengers Game for 3DS Revealed

The Avengers are heading for the 3DS, with a nice anime touch. Bandai Namco Games unveils the very first trailer for its upcoming Nintendo 3DS game Disk Wars: Avengers Ultimate Heroes. This action-style game features Marvel characters that we are all very familiar with, albeit sprinkled with a Japanese anime twist. The game is based on the currently airing Japanese anime version of the Avengers, officially named Marvel Disk Wars Avengers. While the characters are closely based on the original Avengers cast, the story itself is original, with the main characters using DISKs (Digital Identity Securement Kit) to summon and call forth our heroes when