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ecoATM Recycles Your Tech for Instant Cash

EcoATM Logo

At Pepcom’s event in San Francisco, we got to connect with our friends at ecoATM and talk at length about their kiosks and the challenges they face today


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T-Mobile US Gets Offer from Iliad for $15 Billion


A French telecom company roughly 1/6th the size of T-Mobile US (in revenue and about 1/2 by market cap), by the name of Iliad has just put up an offer to buy 56% of T-Mobile US for an approximate $15 billion in cash. This would theoretically still leave some shares of T-Mobile US in Deutsche Telecom’s hands, but would mostly wash them of the company and give them cash (instead of a mixture of cash and shares, which is what Sprint is supposedly offering). As of right now, there are still no official figures for the T-Mobile/Sprint merger deal, so we don’t exactly know what T-Mobile


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Hackaday Prize Offers Winner A Trip to Space

Hackaday Prize

There is a hardware contest being run by Hackaday that offers hardware hackers and makers to create something that is both open and connected. This device must be something that can enable others to use it for good and kind of create a cascade effect. A good example would be something like the Raspberry Pi, which has enabled tons of interesting usage applications and spurred tons of people to rethink how we use hardware. The awesome part about the Hackaday prize is that they are offering the winners of the contest to either take a trip out to space on the carrier of their choosing or


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Apple to Buy Beats for $3.2 Billion?

Beats by Apple

As rumors usually go, this one is a pretty juicy one coming from the Financial Times, who is usually pretty spot on with their M&A news, especially in tech. According to the Financial Times, Beats Electronics founded by Jimmy Iovine and Dr. Dre is currently in talks to be bought by Apple to the tune of $3.2 billion. This is compared to the sum that HTC paid back in 2011, $300 million. At that time, HTC actually had a majority share of Beats Electronics and was unsuccessfully using their branding on their phones like the HTC One to push their devices. HTC’s strategy with Beats