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AT&T to Buy DIRECTV for $50 Billion?

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There have been a lot of mergers and acquisitions in the telecom businesses, the Comcast-Time Warner Cable merger is still up in the air and many people appear to be highly opposed to it. And naturally, it would come as little surprise that AT&T would look to merge/buy one of their competitors as well. After all, if a Comcast-Time Warner Cable merger were to go through, even after divestments they would essentially be a 30 million subscriber base company. That would be much bigger than AT&T’s current 5 million subscriber base, making them even less relevant in the TV space, so obviously, AT&T wants to


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Netflix Calls Out Comcast, Comcast is Ruining the Internet for All

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So, late last week the good people over at Netflix that have been battling the ludicrous battle with the ISPs posted a blog about why they believe Comcast’s behavior is something that they vehemently oppose. While the post itself talks about their opposition of ‘ISP tolls’ where ISPs like Comcast charge them more money to deliver their content to consumers more quickly, they also mentioned their opposition to the Comcast-TWC merger. Netflix’s Kevin Florance, VP of Content Delivery at Netflix, took the time in their post to explain how their performance had been suffering with Comcast customers and amid talks with Comcast eventually came to


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The fastest growing FTTH market: US of A

Recently, I received a report from TXP Corporation about the growth of FTTH (Fiber To The Home) market in the North America. According to their report, US now has 3.3 million households that have access to the fastest Internet connection (25, 50 Mbps) in the North America. In the report, it states that the number of installed FTTH households grew by 33% between Q4’07 and Q1’08, with continuous growth between Q1’08 and Q2’08, and same pattern even increasing in Q3. Well, it was about time. I’ve checked these claims with my friends over at Verizon and who’d knew, US is actually moving to become a