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Sony Bend Themselves a Curved CMOS Camera Sensor

Sony Curved CMOS Sensor

As many of you know, most camera sensors are flat little CMOS sensors that capture light information from your lens and convert it into digital data (electrons) for the camera’s computer system to translate into an image. And for the longest time, most sensors have essentially been flat and square because that’s just the easiest way to fabricate them and to calibrate the entire camera system. As you can see in the image below of Sony’s latest camera, the A7s, it is capable of astonishing things including ISO of 409,000 and 4K video, yet it still only has a flat CMOS sensor (which Sony manufactures).


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We Viewed the VUE, an Electric Car Concept

he VUE (Vehicle Urbain Electrique) came to CES from the French Province of Quebec, Canada. It is the result of collaboration between the software company Elektrobit (EB) and senior students at the Universite de Sherbrooke. The students took a wrecked 2006 Smart Fortwo Coupe and switched the thermal engine powertrain to an electrical powertrain. They basically gutted its working parts and replaced its inners with electric-car-oriented equipment. EB was instrumental in the process. The company offers an extensive range of standard software products and professional tools that support the whole process of in-car software development.Elektrobit gave the university a license to develop the interface. Eleven