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Intel CEO Brian Krzanich Publishes New Corporate Strategy

Intel is undergoing a transformation. The company, which at the point ballooned to over 140,000 employees is shedding 11% of its workforce and realigning itself into a new technology / product driven company which will not fight for the market by loosing billions of dollars (look at the ill-fated attempt to buy market share in mobile). Intel will push the ‘logic to memory’. The logic is now being focused around x86 and FPGAs, while the memory will evolve from SRAM / DRAM / NAND to new memory types such as 3D X-Point. In order to drive the (new) message home, Brian published another letter to its employees.


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USB Type-C To Have DisplayPort Capability

USB Type-C just got a little more competitive against Thunderbolt, as the Video Electronics Standards Association (VESA) announced today that it has developed a standard to integrate DisplayPort into USB Type-C connectors. According to a release by VESA, the standard was developed in conjunction with the USB 3.0 Promoter Group — an industry consortium responsible for developing the USB protocol. Called the DisplayPort Alternative Mode (“Alt Mode”) the USB Type-C connector will be able to deliver 4K video (“and beyond” according to the release, but it’s unsure how far) USB 3.1 speed connectivity, as well as up to 100 watts of power. “The USB Type-C