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Nintendo Labo, or how Google Cardboard changed everything

Nintendo Labo is the newest cool weird project from Nintendo. Labo is difficult to define, but perhaps the best way to describe it is an assortment of cardboard-based games and applications for the Nintendo Switch. Labo comes in kits, and there are two kits at the time of the announcement. The Variety Kit offers an RC Car, Fishing Rod, House, Motorbike and Piano. Each of these peripherals are built with a combination of Joy-cons, cardboard and the Switch itself. There’s also a Robot Kit, which creates a wearable robot suit reminiscent of the previously-canceled Project Giant Robot for Wii U. If the idea of cardboard-based


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Developers Says PlayStation VR is The Best

Sony PlayStation VR

WCCFTech recently spoke with developer Alfonso del Cerro, the founder of Pentadimensional Games, in a short interview about creating the upcoming first-person superhero game, Megaton Rainfall. This will be one of the first titles on Sony’s highly-anticipated PlayStation VR headset and is also slated to arrive on the PC. He said Sony first showed interest in the game when the company played it last year at GDC 2015. “They were looking for projects for PSVR and I was showcasing MR at the Indie Megabooth,” he told the site. “Since then, they have been very friendly, they helped us with the visibility, showing the game in videos,


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Timed Exclusives Are The Future of Gaming

Much to the detriment and disdain of gamers, timed exclusivity is here to stay, and it represents the future of gaming.


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Buyout Rumors Cause Surge in GTA Publisher's Stock

The rumor mill has recently been busy belting out the latest bit of video games industry speculation: Call of Duty publisher Activision (NASDAQ: ATVI) might be planning to buy Take-Two Interactive (NASDAQ: TTWO). The rumors have tapered off over the last few days, but the supposed acquisition caused a surge in Take-Two Interactive’s stock. The publisher’s shares went up 4.14 percent (at a high of $23.66) in afternoon trades following the rumors. This is just short of its six-year high of $23.67 back in June. At time of press Take-Two’s shares are currently at $23.47 (down by 0.8%). According to Benchmark Analyst Mike Hickey, Activision buying out