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AMD’s Kaveri Holds A Significant Edge Over Intel In ArrayFire GPU Benchmarks

The integrated GPU on the A10-7850K is found to be significantly better than Intel’s HD 4600.


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Devil's Canyon Reviewed

Devil’s Canyon, Intel’s new K – SKU Haswell chips have arrived. The 4690K and 4790K are the new chips that have four cores running at 4GHz (with 4.4GHz Turbo / 4.5 Max single core Turbo). These were created with the goal of being able to provide higher clocks stably so there are new features that have been added to these chips. There are added capacitors and beefed up power delivery design with these CPUs. One of the much talked about new features is the reworked TIM called Next-Generation Polymer Thermal Interface Material (NGPTIM). With the enhanced specs of Haswell comes a higher Wattage spec for these


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Intel Unleashes Devil's Canyon, Boosts the Desktop

Intel has made it quite clear that they are dead set on reviving the PC market, especially from the high performance desktop point of view. They are showing their commitment to that vision today with the announcement of their new Devil’s Canyon refresh to the Haswell CPUs that they had launched last year. These new Devil’s Canyon CPUs are designed to accompany the company’s newly launched Z97 chipset, which adds a few minor features to the already existing Z87 chipset that Haswell had launched with. In fact, Gigabyte launched their full Z97 line of motherboards yesterday incorporating some of the new features of the Z97