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Samsung Seeks Nvidia GPU Ban in the US

The Samsung-Nvidia war grows hotter with petition to the ITC.


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Supreme Court Rules Police Must Get a Warrant to Search Cellphones

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In a win for the people of the United States and privacy advocates, the Supreme Court of the United States (SCOTUS) has ruled that the police cannot search people’s flip phones or smartphones without a valid warrant, which will likely make it difficult for certain law enforcement officers (LEOs) to snoop around people’s phones without a warrant. This includes a multitude of network tapping and cellular investigative technologies originally implemented by the NSA and CIA and now used be LEOs. Chief Justice Roberts handed down the ruling that questioned, These two cases raise a common question: whether the police may, without a warrant, search digital


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The NSA Claims They Have No Control Over Their Systems

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As a result of the Snowden revelations regarding the NSA’s spying on basically the whole world, some privacy advocates have filed lawsuits against the NSA in US courts. Naturally, this results in the NSA having to gather evidence by subpoena to prove their side of the story. This is especially true when you consider that James Clapper, the Director of the NSA, lied to Congress about exactly what the NSA was and wasn’t doing. Yet, somehow the guy is still in power and has not faced any repercussions for his lies. As such, there are multiple lawsuits claiming that the NSA has overstepped the boundaries of