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Japan's Data Usage Rates Compete With Each Other

This post originally appeared on VR World. For more Asia Pacific stories visit VR World and ‘Like’ VR World on Facebook. A single gigabyte of data may look small, but it is actually the average amount of data consumed by most smartphone users in the United States. This is assuming of course that these users don’t use their phones to download lots of HD media. In Japan, the trend is quite similar. However, this new survey by MMD tells us something a lot more, which looks almost like a fierce competition between average data consumption rates. The survey data shows that at least 18.8% of


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Virgin Mobile Laughs Away Net Neutrality with New Plans

Virgin Mobile Sprint

As if Sprint wasn’t already fairly out of touch with their consumers, they’ve once again found a way to make it clear that they are. This time, they have done it through a series of new plans through one of their prepaid subsidiaries, Virgin Mobile. Virgin Mobile is one of Sprint’s prepaid subsidiaries, including Boost Mobile as well, that has recently undergone some plan pricing changes in order to try to attract consumers amid competition from T-Mobile which has forced other carriers to be more competitive with their plans as well. Since Sprint’s adjustment of Boost Mobile’s plans, it makes sense that Sprint would also