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Strict FAA Stoops to Bless Drone Use for Making Movies

SnapRoll SUAS Drone Landing

The FAA (Federal Aviation Administration) continues their attempt to exert control over all airspace, all the time. They conceded, however still holding a stiff rein, when announcing they would allow seven movie companies to fly unmanned aerial systems (UAS), for filming motion pictures and television programming in US airspace. In a foiled attempt to regulate what goes on in our skies, this spring the FAA lost a decision by an NTSB (National Transportation Safety Board) judge in FAA vs. Pirker. The judge decided the FAA had not properly filed regulations to control UAVs (unmanned aerial vehicles) – also called drones. The FAA was tripped up


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Sorry Amazon, The FAA Just Banned Drone Deliveries

Amazon Logo

Remember that pre-Cyber Monday 60 Minutes puff piece about Amazon’s drone delivery? Well, Amazon’s most successful marketing ploy ever just hit a huge snag as the FAA has just banned drones from delivering packages. Sure, DHL is also testing such a service, but they’re doing so in Germany where no such laws currently exist to restrict it. The document that the FAA released today asks for comment on their interpretation of the model aircraft regulation law which they believe does not allow such aircraft to participate in commercial businesses as opposed to hobbying. Frankly, the FAA’s interpretation of the model aircraft spec rule clearly indicates



FedEx’s “Switch from DHL” ads are a joke

With the troubles express carriers experienced recently, an all-out war between FedEx and DHL started to happen in front of our eyes. In the past week, I received several “reminder” e-mails from both FedEx and DHL about just how great their service is, with FedEx leading the way in showing its cheeky face. That cheeky face was there for a reason, since DHL stopped all of its inter-US flight operations. By the looks of it, it also seems that DHL will have to fire 9500 of its staffers. The company was hit hard by economical turmoil, and it looks like Lufthansa and UPS will take