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AMD’s Mantle Efforts Come to an End

AMD Restructuring

AMD suggests developers focus on Direct X 12 or OpenGL instead.


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Your Next Gaming PC Might Have a Radeon and Nvidia GPU

According to one report, DirectX 12 will support Explicit Asynchronous Multi-GPU capabilities across different manufacturers’ GPUs.


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Who Needs Mantle? DirectX 12 Shows Big Performance Gains at SIGGRAPH

Microsoft has appeared to have developed a viable competitor to AMD’s Mantle if the benchmarks displayed at Intel’s SIGGRAPH booth in Vancouver are consistent with real-world performance. According to benchmarks and a demo ran at Intel’s SIGGRAPH booth, DirectX 12 offers a 70% boost in performance over DirectX 11 and offers substantial power savings to0. The demo run was a graphically intense simulation of what appears to be an asteroid belt with 50,000 asteroids rendered on screen. This is similar to AMD’s demo of Star Citizen — where tens of thousands of individual ships are rendered in a big dogfight — that it uses to