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Yahoo Hacked via Shellshock Vulnerability

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The Shellshock bug, also known as the bash bug appears to already be taking some major tech companies as its first victims.


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No, Kevin Mitnick is not Selling Zero Day Exploits to Hackers

Zero Day Kevin Mitnick

There’s a very good chance that today’s Wired piece about Kevin Mitnick’s newest venture has a lot to do with the discovery of the Bash Bug within various Linux and Unix operating systems. This is a bug that could be considered a Zero Day exploit because of the fact that it is a security vulnerability within an application that is possible to exploit due to the fact that the software vendor has no knowledge of it yet or it has not been patched yet. Either way, it is a vulnerability that someone can take advantage of. Now, Wired ran a piece about Kevin Mitnick and his


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Time to Run and Hide from Internet Explorer, For Now

Internet Explorer

Internet Explorer has had a pretty bad reputation over the years as a pretty awful browser, and from the IE6 through the IE9 days, that was a pretty accurate statement. However, nowadays Internet Explorer is fairly good and the only browser on Windows worth anything for touch. The guys and gals over at FireEye managed to discover this Zero Day Exploit and dubbed the entire operation, “Operation Clandestine Fox.” They claim that this zero day exploit targets IE9 through IE11 browsers, which make up about 26% of all browser users around the world which is pretty significant. Microsoft has also put out a security bulletin on