Asia Pacific (APAC), Global Politics, Internet, Mobile Computing, US, VR World Launches in SEAsia With Free Access to Essential Online Services

Through its partnership with Philippine telco PLDT, will provide free access to a curated set of online services to 71.2M prepaid mobile subscribers.


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Facebook Introduces Free Friend-To-Friend Payments

Facebook introduces Payments, serving sending and receiving money by friends on their highly popular Facebook Messenger application.


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FeelReal Brings Sense of Smell To Virtual Reality

FeelReal has made the virtual reality equivalent of smell-o-vision with a curious mask that simulates the sense of smell and even wind breeze.


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Facebook Plans to Launch a Taipei Office

Taiwan’s vice premier is urging Facebook to set up a data center in Taiwan, while Facebook is planning to launch a new Taipei office.



Facebook Claims $227B Global Economic Impact, but Doubts Prevail

Facebook cites hundreds of billions per year in economic impact worldwide, but is the social network overstating its importance in the global economy?


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CES 2015: Nokia 215 is Microsoft’s Cheapest Internet-Capable Phone at $29

A $29 Internet device with month-long standby time? Microsoft may yet be the king of entry-level mobile phones with the web- and Messenger-capable Nokia 215.


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Facebook to Finally Add ‘Dislike’ Button?

Rumors of such a button have been in the works for some time, but now it seems that the social networking giant is actually considering it.


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Samsung Gear VR Innovator Edition On Sale Now

Samsung Gear VR Innovator Edition - 1

The new Samsung VR headset add-on for use with only its Galaxy Note 4 has arrived for sale on Samsung’s store for $199.99.


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Schiit Audio Introduces The Fulla USB DAC/Amp

Schiit Fulla-main-1000

Schiit Audio’s “Fulla” promises rich and crisp sound, and is made from US-sourced components too.


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Can 'Facebook at Work' Play Well With Enterprise HR?

Facebook is set to target the workplace with an enterprise-oriented collaboration and professional network. Should LinkedIn and Yammer be worried?


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A Retail Version of Oculus is Still a Long Way Off

Don’t expect Oculus to be available for the holiday season.


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Will VR Be the Next Big Thing in Computing? An Interview With Murray Newlands

Entrepreneur and PR strategist Murray Newlands shares insights on crowdfunding and why Facebook believes VR is the next big thing in computing.


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Facebook Banks on VR as the Future of Computing

Facebook is banking on virtual and augmented reality to play a big part in a revolution in computing platforms in the next 10 to 15 years.



As Facebook's Q3 2014 Winds Down, What Does Next Year Hold?

Facebook’s Q3 2014 results exceed analyst expectations, but with 2015 being a year for investment, stock price dropped in anticipation of these big expenditures.


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Twitter's Growth Slowing, But Optimism in Ad Platform Remains

Twitter has faced a growth slowdown in Q3 2014, but the company is confident its upcoming Fabric SDK will see wide adoption by mobile and app developers.


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Stephen Hawking Joins Facebook

Stephen Hawking Title

The world renowned theoretical astrophysicist Stephen Hawking has finally joined the world of social media and posted his first status about joining the social network. Do keep in mind that Dr. Hawking is not on any other social media platform and has not been well known for being social media savvy. His Facebook page already has over 1 million likes and will hopefully be one of the go-to places for space discussions and posts. Pictured above is Stephen Hawking’s own Facebook profile picture, which was carefully chosen as it appears many of the images on his account were actually uploaded to the account ahead of the


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Nvidia Launches $100,000 GPU Startup Prize

Nvidia GPU Logo

Nvidia is launching a $100,000 GPU startup prize as part of their emerging companies summit which runs during Nvidia’s 2015 GPU Technology Conference.


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Twitter to Add a Buy Now Button

Twitter Logo Large

Twitter (NYSE:TWTR) today announced that it would be adding a Buy Now button to Twitter, specifically on mobile. This is yet another move by Twitter to increase their profitability through finding more revenue making opportunities, this follows its partnering with Amazon to tag purchases on Twitter back in May for adding to an Amazon cart. If anything, this Buy Now button is an evolution of that idea, making Twitter the direct point of sale instead of trying to send you somewhere else to buy the item. Twitter has hundreds of millions of users and if it makes this work right, it may actually have figured out eCommerce through social media


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Cute Cat Pictures Beware: Facebook Working on Killing Clickbait

Clickbait comes in many forms, but Facebook (NASDAQ: FB) is trying to kill it all. Some publishers use loaded, inflammatory headlines on Facebook posts or pictures requesting the user like or share it to try and build traffic and engagement. According to a post by Facebook research scientist Khalid El-Arini and product specialist Joyce Tang, Facebook will now no longer reward publishers that don’t provide meaningful content or engagement with traffic. “Over time, stories with ‘click-bait’ headlines can drown out content from friends and Pages that people really care about,” wrote the Facebook staffers in the blog post. With Facebook’s previous algorithm, the number of likes


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Virgin Mobile Laughs Away Net Neutrality with New Plans

Virgin Mobile Sprint

As if Sprint wasn’t already fairly out of touch with their consumers, they’ve once again found a way to make it clear that they are. This time, they have done it through a series of new plans through one of their prepaid subsidiaries, Virgin Mobile. Virgin Mobile is one of Sprint’s prepaid subsidiaries, including Boost Mobile as well, that has recently undergone some plan pricing changes in order to try to attract consumers amid competition from T-Mobile which has forced other carriers to be more competitive with their plans as well. Since Sprint’s adjustment of Boost Mobile’s plans, it makes sense that Sprint would also