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FTC Leads Shutdown of 'Bogus' Bitcoin-Mining Rig Maker Butterfly Labs

Upon the FTC’s request, a federal court has ordered the shutdown of Butterfly Labs, which specializes in building computers for Bitcoin mining. The FTC says the company has delayed shipment or failed to deliver paid-for products, thereby resulting in losses to its customers.


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Snapchat Lied, Your Images are Saved, Settles with FTC

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So, you know the whole premise that Snapchat is based upon? The fact that you can set a timer for an image and once that image’s time disappears, so does the image? And that somehow is supposed to prevent people from potentially saving those embarrassing or racy photos? Well, that was all a big fat lie. In a settlement that Snapchat has reached with the Federal Trade Commission (FTC) they have agreed to a whole host of regulations and oversight of the company’s privacy and security policies since they had misled consumers about both. In fact, Snapchat’s security and privacy will be monitored closely for