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Supermedium creates a browser for WebVR experiences

Supermedium advertises itself as “the virtual reality browser”, but what does that actually mean? Supermedium launched on January 31st, 2018, and at the time of writing many people aren’t totally aware of it and what it has to offer… yet. So let’s explain it. First, it’s important to clarify: Supermedium is not a web browser. It is not a VR version of Chrome or FireFox. While it is an application for browsing the web, it’s not a browser in the sense that most consumers are used to. Instead, Supermedium is a virtual reality browser that allows people to find VR experiences hosted all over the Internet. These


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Microsoft To Ditch Internet Explorer Brand In Favor Of Project Spartan For Windows 10

Project Spartan will be the new default browser in Windows 10.


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Prepare to Surf the VR Web With Firefox

Mozilla has integrated WebVR into the latest nightly and developer builds of Firefox.


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Firefox to Make Its Way to iOS?

Mozilla hasn’t ported Firefox over to iOS because of disagreements with Apple. Now, it looks like that will change.


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Firefox 34 Marks The Beginning Of Mozilla’s Post-Google World

Mozilla’s next upgrade for Firefox ships with a new default browser and a variety of other new features.


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Playstation Vue, Firefox Party, Toshiba’s driving chip: The Headlines in Tokyo for November 13

Here is the daily roundup from Japanese consumer tech and tech business websites for November 13, 2014.


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Time to Run and Hide from Internet Explorer, For Now

Internet Explorer

Internet Explorer has had a pretty bad reputation over the years as a pretty awful browser, and from the IE6 through the IE9 days, that was a pretty accurate statement. However, nowadays Internet Explorer is fairly good and the only browser on Windows worth anything for touch. The guys and gals over at FireEye managed to discover this Zero Day Exploit and dubbed the entire operation, “Operation Clandestine Fox.” They claim that this zero day exploit targets IE9 through IE11 browsers, which make up about 26% of all browser users around the world which is pretty significant. Microsoft has also put out a security bulletin on


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Microsoft releases IE8: Last gasp or a fresh start?

Ever since Microsoft overtook Netscape, its position on the browser market never looked so pale. IE is still used by majority of users world-wide, but market share started to slide with the launch of Mozilla Firefox. Opera is holding its also-ran position (and leading the mobile internet market), Google’s (unpolished) Chrome and Apple’s Surfari are only beginning to nimble the market share, but expect an explosion to happen in the next year. Browser wars are back, and they’re back in full strength: who is going to win? Mozilla Firefox leads the market share of alternative browsers and in some countries, such as Germany – enjoys


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New WordPress breaks FireFox… or not?

Is new WordPress 2.7 breaking Firefox? Several readers contacted me and stated that they have issues with the new wordpress and their lovely browser, Fierry-Ferret of Mozilla Foundation fame.