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AMD Launches the FirePro S9150, Upping the Ante Against Nvidia

AMD launched Wednesday the FirePro S9150, and was quick to claim that it’s the most powerful GPU ever built for High Performance Computing (HPC) applications. While the S9150 is yet to be independently benchmarked, the performance numbers coming from AMD would put the card squarely ahead of Nvidia’s high-end Tesla K40. With its 2,816 processing cores and 16 GB of GDDR5 memory, the FirePro offers double-precision peak performance of 2.53 teraflops, while Nvidia’s high-end Tesla K40 can push out 1.43 teraflops. When looking squarely at single-precision performance the margins narrow, with the FirePro S9150 clocking 5.07 teraflops, compared to the 4.29 teraflops for Nvidia’s Tesla