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Samsung's V-NAND Chips Breaks Limits

Samsung has revealed the next generation of its revolutionary 3D NAND flash memory technology. Samsung, in a keynote presentation at the Flash Memory Summit 2014, launched its newest V-NAND 3-bit/Cell flash memory technology. This was not long after the South Korean tech giant unveiled its new 850 Pro SSDs last month, which feature the second generation V-NAND 2-bit/Cell flash memory technology. V-NAND is currently touted by Samsung as the next step after NAND flash, as it features what is known as 3D NAND cell structuring. The technology exceeds the perceived limitations of planar NAND flash by stacking multiple memory cells on top of one another. The very


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Flash Memory Summit – Samsung Preps for the Show

Samsung Memory Bentley Reserve

The old Federal Reserve Building at 301 Battery Street in San Francisco was the venue selected by Samsung to introduce their R&D foray into Silicon Valley on Wednesday evening. The usual “We are Samsung, we are the world” presentation proved that Samsung has turned into the 800 Pound Gorilla of the semiconductor industry. The company is investing a good deal of money in the San Jose R&D complex on Tasman Drive, San Jose which they’ll be moving into next summer upon its completion. The inclusion of this information in each of the presenters foil set indicates the center looms large in the companies thought processes.