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Toshiba Launches 15nm NAND Flash Chip Samples

Toshiba (TYO: 6502) has announced the roll out of its very first 15nm NAND flash memory chip. The chips are already available for sampling starting this October, with the first 16GB version chips to be shipped first and the rest of the other size versions to follow shortly. This new NAND flash memory chip utilizes both the flash memory chip and its controller in a single board. Toshiba claims that this optimization technique promises an overall increase in its data transfer speed (8% read, 2% write), as well as making the chips around 26% smaller compared to its predecessors. Its updated interface also boasts a significant increase in speed,


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Samsung's V-NAND Chips Breaks Limits

Samsung has revealed the next generation of its revolutionary 3D NAND flash memory technology. Samsung, in a keynote presentation at the Flash Memory Summit 2014, launched its newest V-NAND 3-bit/Cell flash memory technology. This was not long after the South Korean tech giant unveiled its new 850 Pro SSDs last month, which feature the second generation V-NAND 2-bit/Cell flash memory technology. V-NAND is currently touted by Samsung as the next step after NAND flash, as it features what is known as 3D NAND cell structuring. The technology exceeds the perceived limitations of planar NAND flash by stacking multiple memory cells on top of one another. The very


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SuperTalent joins the USB Bling-Bling crowd

Throughout the last couple of years, we witnessed a rise in the spectrum of computer designs targeting woman. But while some co-operations were nothing else but selling the cheapest component in a shiny package and calling it “designer’s product”. Examples such as Philips-Swarovski cooperation come ti mind first – or how to sell a 1GB USB stick to woman, while at the same time offer 32x higher capacity plain-vanilla looking models? SuperTalent decided that there is plenty of girls amongst computer enthusiast crowd, and from other side, even fashionable aware ladies want to carry their digital stuff around. Enter Pico_C USB drive. This model is