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New Dragon’s Dogma Online Trailer Shows Off Fantastic Battles

Capcom shows off a fine glimpse at their new Japanese-exclusive online RPG set in the Dragon’s Dogma universe.


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What AAA-Devs Can Learn From Indies and F2P

The playing field of the gaming industry is changing. In a market dominated by reboots and sequels, more and more gamers are turning to indie and free-to-play games (commonly abbreviated as F2P) — and as a result the industry is making a paradigm shift. Key companies like Activision and EA are finding F2P and indies as major competitors to their streams of AAA releases, and in order to stay on top, they’ll need to embrace these sectors. But why move to indies when AAA is still reigning the charts ? What are the benefits of diversifying to incorporate indie-like titles and free-to-play franchises? AAA games are