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Intel’s license attack on Nvidia is an old “Thank You”

This Monday, Intel filed papers claiming that Nvidia’s four-year chipset license does not apply to Nehalem architecture (Core i3, i5, i7, new Xeons) e.g. that Nvidia has no right in manufacturing chipsets for Intel processors that use integrated memory controller. These news come just after Nvidia enabled SLI on Intel’s X58 chipse6t, including Intel’s own DX58SO motherboard. Given the current state of affairs between the two companies, I was not surprised that Intel is going to oust Nvidia from the chipset market. How Nvidia came into the Intel chipset market is another story – at the time, Intel was seriously hurting with its Prescott marchitecture


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GPGPU is the future: Khronos releases OpenCL API

With Khronos group officially launching the OpenCL 1.0 specification, GPGPU computing is now officially covered with a open-source, royalty-free cross-platform API that enables parallel programming on the GPUs, regardless from whom they’re coming from.



Silverstone launches a revolutionary case, gaming mice

I just received word from Cheney Tseng of Silverstone fame about the launch of their new product line. Under the name Raven RV01, Silverstone launched a gaming mice and a case. Now, the mouse is a standard answer to heated competition on the market (more on that below), but case is… something completely different, as Monty Phyton would say. As we all know, heat flows upwards, while the cool air stays on the ground. In the world of computers, more and more components are heating up. This was not solved even with ATX motherboards placed upside down (BTX-style), so Silverstone decided to kick up a