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AMD Juggles FX-Lineup to Counter Intel’s Haswell-E Launch

It’s Intel’s (NASDAQ: INTC) time to shine this month, as the company has just released its much awaited Haswell-E processors and is gearing up for its Intel Developer Forum bi-annual conference in San Francisco next week. Trying to steal the limelight from Intel, AMD (NYSE: AMD) has cut prices on some of its FX-series parts and has announced three new FX-8000 series processors. In total, six of AMD’s FX-series chips are getting price cuts. The FX-9590 is now $290; The FX-9370 is at $273; The FX-8350 comes in at $178; The FX-8320 is at $147. The FX-9590 without the liquid cooling kit comes in at