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VRC: Introducing VR World’s PC for VR

The wait is almost over. After numerous announcements and stories, March and April brings us the launch of high-quality Virtual Reality hardware and VR-optimized AAA games and other applications. VR equipment manufacturers are going as far not just to recommend, but also to sell a recommended configuration on their website. Oculus recently launched their “Oculus Ready PC” specification, and selected vendors (ASUS, Alienware and Dell) sell you their PCs ‘with purchase of Rift’. However, the components in question may not bring the results in the long run, and there is a geolocation limitation on the systems Oculus recommends to its customers. Here at VR World, we look at things differently.


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AMD Juggles FX-Lineup to Counter Intel’s Haswell-E Launch

It’s Intel’s (NASDAQ: INTC) time to shine this month, as the company has just released its much awaited Haswell-E processors and is gearing up for its Intel Developer Forum bi-annual conference in San Francisco next week. Trying to steal the limelight from Intel, AMD (NYSE: AMD) has cut prices on some of its FX-series parts and has announced three new FX-8000 series processors. In total, six of AMD’s FX-series chips are getting price cuts. The FX-9590 is now $290; The FX-9370 is at $273; The FX-8350 comes in at $178; The FX-8320 is at $147. The FX-9590 without the liquid cooling kit comes in at