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Nvidia Teases More Pascal Details at GTC 2015

New GPU architecture promises ten-times the performance of Maxwell.


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Galax Brings Out The New GTX 970 Black Edition

Galax GTX 970 Black Edtion - 1

Galax has brought out its own addition to add to the growing lineup of small form factor GTX 970s, the new GTX 970 Black Edition and it is only 19cm long.


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Nvidia's GTX 980 and GTX 970 Launch, One Month Later

It has been a month since Nvidia launched their Maxwell GTX 980 and GTX 970 GPUs and we are taking a look at how well they have or haven’t sold.


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Nvidia May Launch the GeForce GTX 880 in September

Nvidia Gamer's Day

Nvidia’s next-generation video card launch details may have been indadvertedly leaked by a Gigabyte executive. In an interview with Expreview, the executive claimed that Nvidia will unveil the GeForce GTX 880 in the month of September, with Gigabyte coming out with a custom card based on the reference design, dubbed the GTX 880 G1.Gamer.  Details of the card are scant at this moment, but it is estimated that Gigabyte’s GTX 880 will feature a thermal cooler that can handle loads as high as 650W, and will feature a silent cooling solution that makes little to no noise when running in idle load. Also rumored is


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New GeForce GTX 880, GTX 870 Details Leak

GeForce GTX 880

As always, there are going to be a plethora of rumors about the next GPUs coming from AMD and Nvidia, so it comes as no surprise that new details are leaking about Nvidia’s next generation of GPUs based on Maxwell. Nvidia has already launched the Maxwell architecture with the incredibly efficient and modular GTX 750 Ti. However, this is their one and only Maxwell part and there are lots of people wondering when we’ll see the mid and high-end parts. So, today’s rumor, about the GeForce GTX 880 and GTX 870 are clearly feeding off of this desire for information and likely enlighten when and


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Nvidia Throws Gamer's Day at Computex 2014

Today, the day before Computex 2014 officially starts, Nvidia held their very first Gamer’s Day across the street from Taipei’s famous Taipei 101 at ATT 4 Fun’s 7th floor Show Box. The company had trucks driving around the area making the public and Computex attendees alike aware of the all-day festivities which started at 11 am and went til 7 pm. While we didn’t get a chance to stay for the whole event, we did spend quite a bit of time walking around the venue and watching the festivities unfold, mostly in Mandarin. The focal point of the event was the professional League of Legends


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Nvidia Launches GeForce GTX Titan Z Today, for $3,000

GeForce GTX Titan Z

So, Nvidia has finally launched their much awaited $3,000 graphics card which isn’t quite good enough for professional applications (no professional drivers, like Quadro) and is too expensive for 99.99% of gamers to ever consider as a GPU. The Titan Z was originally announced at Nvidia’s GTC 2014 back in March and there were rumors it was supposed to drop earlier this month but got delayed. Either way, the card is now available and if you’re willing to pay twice the price of an AMD Radeon R9 295X2, which isn’t really much slower, then you can buy it right now from multiple online etailers and


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Nvidia Reports Strong 1Q 2015, Following Error

Nvidia GPU Logo

As we had reported, Nvidia announced very strong preliminary earnings for the fiscal first quarter of 2015, calendar Q1 2014. They were supposed to announce their earnings today, May 8th, however someone had mistakenly sent the preliminary earnings announcement to 100 internal users and they decided to make those figures public to avoid any potential insider trading issues. In terms of Nvidia’s earnings [NASDAQ:NVDA] themselves, the company reported for their fiscal first quarter of 2015, which is actually the first calendar quarter of 2014, earnings of $136 million on $1.1 billion in revenue, which is down sequentially from the fourth quarter where Nvidia is traditionally


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Nvidia GeForce GTX Titan Z is… Coming Soon?

We were a bit surprised to see an announcement on Techpowerup! that ASUS had launched their GTX Titan Z without any hoopla from Nvidia or any of their other board partners. So, it comes as little surprise that the article itself has since been pulled and that any and all mentions of ASUS’ GTX Titan Z have disappeared. But of course, the damage has already been done and Pandora’s box has been opened. However, there isn’t that much about this card that is really a mystery. The GTX Titan Z is expected to be a dual Titan graphics card, air cooled, that enables some of


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BSN 5th Anniversary Nvidia Giveaway Winners Selected!

As promised, we’ve selected the winners for our Nvidia 5th Anniversary Giveaway. This giveaway was the second massive giveaway of our multi-week-long giveaway to commemorate our 5th anniversary as a site. It followed our Thermaltake and Titanfall giveaways. We had over 876 entries in the giveaway and we’ve selected the winners based on their comments, tweets, FB shares and Google+ +1’s. Some contestants did not follow the rules and attempted to leave multiple comments under the same user name or under different user names using different IP addresses. So, please, do not try to cheat the system. You end up cheating yourself out of a


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UPDATE: Nvidia owes millions of $ in GTX295 backlog

It seems to us that Nvidia did a neat PR stunt called GeForce GTX 295. This card is maybe the fastest on the market, but the company is not making great progress in making those cards available to partners. We spoke to several sources in different vendors across the Globe, and one thing was the same: for the past couple of weeks, Nvidia did not deliver GTX295 cards and the backlog of already purchased cards is now measured in well over a million of greenbacks. Yep, you’ve read if correctly: Nvidia’s partners sold thousands of GTX 295 boards, and at the price of 520-550 bucks


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Legal and PR trouble looming for mobile GTX260/280?

After going through dozen or so phone calls and IM conversations with several worried investors, analysts and attorneys, I felt inclined to write this story. One has to wonder what branding wizards at Nvidia thought when they decided to brand three year old architecture under the same name as current desktop parts. In case you didn’t know, Nvidia is going to use the same 55nm G92b chip on GeForce GTS240/250 boards for desktop and GTX260M and GTX280M for notebooks. This is nothing else but a disastrous call. G92 chip now spans across four product generations – GeForce 8800GT/GTS512/GSO, 9800GT/GTX/GTX+, GTS240/250 and GTX260M/280M. The decision Nvidia


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Germans test latest Matrox hardware

Point a finger at your brain and ask yourself, when was the last time you heard about a review of a Matrox graphics card? Yep, my thoughts exactly… see, telepathy works. 🙂 Courtesy of legendary German site 3DCenter.Org, we can see what Matrox is actually… manufacturing these days. Fellow journalists spent some time with Matrox M9125 graphics card, and compared it to graphics cards from ATi, Nvidia, Intel and S3. Five-vendor GPU test… when was the last time you saw something like this? Agree, trip down the memory lane… Anyways, the boards that this card tested against were Radeon 3450, X4500, GeForce 7300GT and 8400GS


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STEAM: Intel, ATI gain users, AMD+Nvidia continue the negative trend

Like a clockwork, Steam released its hardware survey for December 2008. A lot of interesting gains with the biggest winners being Intel processors, ATI graphics cards and Windows Vista operating system.



Nvidia’s 3D Glasses to cost $199? That’s hellishly expensive!

Nvidia 3D glasses to cost $199… incredibly expensive.


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GeForce GTX285 on sale, our specs confirmed

For the past couple of weeks, I’ve been closely following what’s going on with the 55nm refresh from Nvidia. GT200b (GT200-100-B2) series chips begun their life in Quadro CX and FX4800/5800 cards, and then started selling as GeForce GTX260 55nm. On January 8, 2009, Nvidia will officially introduce GeForce GTX285 1GB and GTX295 1.8 GB cards. Or that was the theory. As it usually happens, manufacturers “accidentally” started to sell early, and this time, the “honor” of going on sale first goes to GigaByte. Thanks to HKEPC, we learned that two Hong Kong shops sell GTX285 by Gigabyte. This means GigaByte will be remembered as


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Leaked GTX295 scores are genuine

Far Eastern site leaked first performance results of Nvidia’s answer to the awesome 4870X2. The name is GTX295, and it is based upon two 55nm GT206 chips and odd-numbered 1.79 GB of video memory.


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Nvidia’s 3D glasses are surprisingly expensive

Back at Nvision 08 in August, Jen-Hsun demonstrated 3D Vision during his keynote speech. While the whole audience enjoyed in demonstration of 3D technology, nobody knew how the technology works. We bring more details and gallery of this hot upcoming product.



ANNOUNCEMENT: Winners of PALIT Folding Challenge 2008

And the winners of PALIT Folding Challenge 2008 are…


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New Steam survey confirms Intel, Nvidia dominate the market share

Developing a game and want to know what gamers use? Valve Corporation gathered more than 15 million users of their Steam digital distribution platform, but probably the most interesting part is world famous “Steam Hardware Survey”. How many people use high-end hardware? What kind of displays do gamers use? We analyze last last six months…