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Taiwan Earthquake Impacts TSMC Production

On February 10, 2016 Southern Taiwan was struck with a 6.4 magnitude earthquake, which so far killed 116 people. Numerous factories were impacted by the quake, and we’re starting to receive reports that damage to the factories is worse than previously estimated. TSMC initially reported that “95% of its machines could be restored in 2-3 days,” with Fab 6 and 14B being fully restored as of today (February 15). TSMC, world’s second largest semiconductor manufactured is now stating that the damage due to the quake impacted larger number of in-production wafers than the company previously estimated. The company now expects that its overall output will be reduced


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Tesla Motors Reports Record Earnings, Guides 3Q Down

Tesla Motors

Tesla Motors [NASDAQ:TSLA] today reported their earnings for the second quarter of 2014, beating many analysts expectations by delivering a record 7,579 Model S vehicles in the quarter as well as producing a record 8,763 Model S vehicles in the quarter. Non-GAAP earnings were $16 million dollars (broken down to $0.11 EPS), while GAAP earnings (loss) was a loss of $62 million or a loss of $0.50 cents per share. Tesla Motors also cautioned that they expect the third quarter revenue and overall production to be lower than initially expected due to the retooling of the Fremont NUMMI plant for higher volume Model S and new


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Panasonic Invests $250 Million into Tesla Gigafab

As we all know, Tesla is looking to build a battery Gigafab somewhere in the southwest of the US. Tesla [NADSAQ:TSLA] has not quite decided on a location quite yet, however there is a very short list of a few states and that list continues to narrow. Obviously, many states would like Tesla to build their fab in their states, but the gigafab will have to be close enough to Tesla’s factory in Fremont that they can still get their own batteries into their cars reasonably easily. As such, I suspect that the gigafab will very likely be put somewhere in Nevada, Arizona, New Mexico


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Toyota Moving Away from Tesla Battery Tech

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Toyota has announced that they would be moving away from Tesla’s battery technology, which they were originally one of the first supporters in Tesla’s battery technology and took a 3% share (worth about $690 million) of the company in addition to adopting their battery technology. Keep in mind that currently, Tesla manufactures battery technology for Toyota and Mercedes and is in the process of building a $5 billion gigafab in order to increase their battery capacity. So, while Tesla is looking to expand their battery manufacturing capacity, one of their closest partners is moving away from Tesla’s tech. Toyota is claiming that they are moving towards