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Nvidia May Already Be Working On A GTX 980 Ti

The GTX 980 Ti is said to feature the same GM200 silicon as the Titan X, and will likely be available in factory overclocked editions.


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EVGA’s GTX 980 Hybrid Comes With An AIO Liquid Cooler

The GTX 980 Hybrid makes an already stunning card even better.


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MSI Announces The GTX 970 Gaming 4G Golden Edition

MSI just announced that they are making a special limited edition version of the Nvidia GTX 970 Gaming 4G, with with an all copper heatsink and heatpipes


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GeForce GTX Titan II Detailed In Leaks, GTX 960 Also Rumored

It looks like Nvidia is sticking to familiar territory with the GTX Titan II.


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New GeForce GTX 880, GTX 870 Details Leak

GeForce GTX 880

As always, there are going to be a plethora of rumors about the next GPUs coming from AMD and Nvidia, so it comes as no surprise that new details are leaking about Nvidia’s next generation of GPUs based on Maxwell. Nvidia has already launched the Maxwell architecture with the incredibly efficient and modular GTX 750 Ti. However, this is their one and only Maxwell part and there are lots of people wondering when we’ll see the mid and high-end parts. So, today’s rumor, about the GeForce GTX 880 and GTX 870 are clearly feeding off of this desire for information and likely enlighten when and