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GoPro Hero4 to Launch October 8th This Year?

Remember all of those rumors of the imminent GoPro Hero4 with the 4K capability? Well, it looks like the guys at Petapixel were able to get a scoop from a source that has given the world the full specifications of GoPro’s (NASDAQ:GPRO), newest camera. GoPro, as many of you know recently became a publicly traded company with its IPO launching at $30 and now sits at over $80 a share without any new product announcements. Obviously, GoPro was going to wait until after it went public with its IPO in order to launch the GoPro Hero4 with 4K capability (30 FPS). The previous versions of GoPro’s cameras did do


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GoPro's IPO Opens Up 30% on First Day of Trading

GoPro Cam

Remember when we were telling you that GoPro would be going public sometime this summer? Well, today was that day and their IPO did pretty damn well for its first day. GoPro is listed on the NASDAQ as GPRO and originally opened at the IPO price of $24 and currently sits at $31.34 which is an increase of over $7 per share and over 30%. This is also one of the most recent hardware IPOs in recent history and clearly shows the market’s fatigue with software company IPOs and the desire to invest in tangible hardware companies. At the opening of trading today and once