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ARM Announces New ARM Mali Graphics IP

ARM Mali Graphics IP

ARM has today announced a whole new series of ARM Mali graphics IP including their new T860, T830 and T820 GPUs as well as V550 and DP550 processors


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Report: AMD, Intel Have Q2 GPU Sales Jump While Nvidia Slips


The losses incurred by many GPU vendors during first quarter of the year have been largely offset by gains in the year’s second quarter, according to a new report by Jon Peddie Research. According to JPR’s report on the second quarter of the year, shipments were up 3.2% quarter-over-quarter, and down 4.5% compared to the same quarter from last year. While the crown for the company that has the biggest rise in GPU shipments for the quarter goes back and forth — sometimes quarter-over-quarter — for this quarter AMD takes the lead with an 11% increase, followed by Intel at 4.5%. Nvidia faced a slumping