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Xbox One Drops Back Down To $349

The Xbox One is back down to its $349 holiday price tag following strong sales leads over Sony’s PlayStation 4.


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CES 2015: Startups to Watch Out For

CES Logo

VR environments, connected homes, connected bikes, connected pets and more. Here are a few startups to watch out for at International CES this week.


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PC Enthusiats: What Can We Expect to See at CES 2015?

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With CES right around the corner and the industry’s marketing efforts going into overdrive, what is it that we will likely see next week?


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Antec Announces The Budget-Minded GX300 Case

Antec GX300 - 1

Antec’s new case is the most entry level model in the GX family and the mid-tower case will be priced at about $59 in the US.


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Dexmo Exoskeletons Bring Sensation of Touch to VR

With the advent of hand-fitted exoskeletons, Dexta Robotics wants to bring the sensation of touch to virtual reality.


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InnoLight Raises $32M to Build Faster Optical Transceivers for Servers

Chinese startup InnoLight raises $32M in Series C funding led by Google Capital, and will focus on building 100Gbps optical transceivers that enable servers to communicate through fiber-optics.


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Samsung D3 Station 4TB Review: Affordable, Fast Storage

With so much media available today the need to either backup or store it creates the need for external storage.  Samsung’s D3 Station line is out to provide storage at a good price point while not having much extra “fluff” in the package.   It has some simple functions via software that is for both OSX and Windows like automated backups and password protected partitions.  In testing we hope to see just how fast this thing can be for a 4TB hard disk with USB 3.0.   Samsung D3 Station STSHX-D401TDB 4TB specifications • Windows 8/7/Vista/XP SP2, Mac OS X 10.4.8 or later • SuperSpeed


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Introducing The Apple Watch, The New Nexus For iDevices

Apple’s live event in Cupertino today saw more than the iPhone 6 announcement; the mobile giant also unveiled its new smartwatch contender, the Apple Watch. Like everything else it does, Apple’s presentation of their new watch was accompanied with gusto; audiences were informed on exactly how the new device would fill out the company’s growing ecosystem. The Apple Watch does indeed fill an interesting role in “iDevice” webwork. The new device is essentially a mini-smartphone that can some surprising things, and tethers to an iPhone to relay content. Apple’s smartwatch is in itself an innovation in practicality and mirrors quite a bit of a smartphone’s functionality.


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AnandTech Founder Joins Apple, But in What Role?

In the world of tech journalism and hardware reviews, AnandTech is considered as a leading source of breaking news and balanced reviews. Founded in 1997 by Anand Lal Shimpi, the site started out with a focus on motherboards, but then evolved along with the times. AnandTech has since branched out into covering and reviewing CPUs, video cards, notebook computers, mobile devices and, in the words of founder Shimpi himself, “anything that mattered.” Yesterday, Shimpi announced that he was leaving AnandTech, having served the site as publisher and editor for almost 18 years. Unlike most other high-profile departures in the media and technology industry, however, Shimpi said it was not


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Is a Holodeck Closer to Reality Than we Think?

Sci-Fi fans are quite aware that what is usually the realm of science fiction can eventually become science-fact. For instance, while ultra-portable video-communicators were just a novelty item on series like Star Trek in the early 1970s, video-enabled IP-based communications is now readily available to anyone who has a smartphone. It’s the same with other technologies predicted by Sci-Fi writers, which tend to become a reality once the right technology and resources are available. One such example is OTOY’s holographic capture and display system, which is set to be out in the market within the coming year. The cloud graphics firm has announced the availability of its holographic video



Will AMD's Growth be Sustainable?

AMD Restructuring

In its recent earnings report, Advanced Micro Devices  reported an improvement its second quarter of 2014, compared with the same period the previous year. The company posted a loss of $36 million ($0.05 per share) during the period, a reduction, compared with $74 million loss ($0.10 per share)  in the same period the previous year. This comes amid a growth in sales in the second-quarter of 2014, as well as new product releases expected to grow the company’s market share in both consumer and commercial markets. The Sunnyvale chipmaker’s performance has fallen short of analyst expectations, although it is still within the company’s own forecast. A sound strategy AMD’s


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Hackaday Prize Offers Winner A Trip to Space

Hackaday Prize

There is a hardware contest being run by Hackaday that offers hardware hackers and makers to create something that is both open and connected. This device must be something that can enable others to use it for good and kind of create a cascade effect. A good example would be something like the Raspberry Pi, which has enabled tons of interesting usage applications and spurred tons of people to rethink how we use hardware. The awesome part about the Hackaday prize is that they are offering the winners of the contest to either take a trip out to space on the carrier of their choosing or


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Newegg Now Accepts Bitcoin

Newegg Logo

As Bitcoin becomes more and more boring (and standardized) the amount of companies that begin to accept it increase ever more. A few months ago, TigerDirect announced that they would be accepting Bitcoin and that clearly has motivated other etailers to do so as well. So, it comes as little surprise that Newegg today announced that they will also be accepting Bitcoins as a form of payment for products on their site. There are no restrictions on what can be purchased with Bitcoin on Newegg’s site, which makes it incredibly attractive to anyone looking to spend their extra Bitcoins. Even though sites like Amazon haven’t


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IBM Becomes Target of Chinese Bank Security Study

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In what appears to be a retaliation to the US official claims of Chinese Government Officials hacking US companies, the Chinese government has quietly advised their banks to review their security policies and hardware implementations, especially those with IBM hardware. While this study of Chinese Banking security risks is not an official or public one, Bloomberg has spoken to four sources that confirm that such a review is under way and is currently focused on IBM, but likely involves others as well. IBM itself has a very interesting history in China as the company claims to have been doing business there for the past 30


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Adobe Creative Cloud Getting New Features & Hardware June 18th

Adobe Creative Cloud

Adobe appears to be in a bit of a crisis with what they want the public to know. A few days ago, Adobe announced that they would be making a big announcement on June 18th about the new Creative Cloud for 2014. This announcement detailed a lot of things that Adobe planned to announce for or related to the new Creative Cloud for 2014, but then they moderated their post today and removed all of the details about what they planned to show. Thanks to Google’s Cache and the Google Cache Browser, it was fairly easy to go back and get the details that Adobe


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Nintendo Says They're Working on New Hardware

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Nintendo says they’re working on new hardware, and that they are actually already working on new hardware in most cases immediately after they’ve released the most current version. There appears to be no let up in Nintendo’s aspirations to release new hardware, which seems a bit surprising considering how disastrous their Wii U sales have been. Back in January, Nintendo was forced to cut their full year projections for the Nintendo Wii U by over 70%, which made a lot of investors lose faith in Nintendo’s business plan. However, Nintendo continues to move forward even though they posted a loss of $225 million for the


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NSA Bugged Foreign-Bound Networking Equipment

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According to Glenn Greenwald, who seemingly quotes himself in his own titles, the NSA has routinely been intercepting US-based networking hardware bound for countries abroad. While Glenn Greenwald doesn’t specifically implicate any networking companies, it would be safe to assume that companies like Cisco, Juniper, Brocade, Dell, HP and many more. This is in the face of the fact that the US government had been criticizing the use of Huawei networking hardware due to the beliefs that the Chinese would be presenting a security risk to the US. They essentially claimed that Huawei was bugging their networking equipment for the Chinese government and that their