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A-DATA launches ultimate HDD enclosure: 500MB/s SSD beast

In a sea of different hard drive enclosures, one manufacturer came up with something original. Taiwanese DRAM giant produced HDD enclosure for SSD drives capable of exceeding current bandwidth offered by SATA-II standard.


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VP of networking company sees no future for WiMAX as we know it

In a presentation given by Dr. Albert Yeh, VP of OvisLink Corporation, some harsh words were spoken on the upcoming network standards. OvisLink Corporation is mostly known as the umbrella company for the AirLive brand, progressive networking brand that is gaining a lot of ground on emerging markets, thanks to innovative products such as WMU-6500FS, device more know as the pr0n box, “smart” hard drive enclosure that includes integrated BitTorrent, iTunes, e-Donkey and similar clients. Getting back on the subject, main aspect of the presentation was put on manufacturing ecologically sustainable devices. This should be achieved by using environmentally friendly and recycled materials. Talking about