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Post-Computex Blues – Yet Another Bloodbath on the Horizon

Computex Taipei_1000

Or… The Vendors Never Learn It’s been a full 2 weeks now since the end of Computex, and the associated roaming around Greater China and certain (mostly Chinese speaking too) neighboring realms. This being at the very least fifteenth Computex for me, I didn’t bother much with press conferences and such, but checking the show floor to see what’s really going on, and then do a real check with selected vendors after the event is done with. The Taiwanese, with diminishing focus on high end ‘added value’ PC stuff, moving towards mainstream consumer things with corresponding reduction in differentiation and ability to charge larger margins,


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Can We Trust OnePlus, Who is Really Behind Them? OPPO?

OPPO's OnePlus Logo

OnePlus has a new phone that the entire internet has been talking about, which happens to share the same name as HTC’s flagship phone, the One. So, we have the OnePlus One and the HTC One, okay, a little problematic, but nothing too serious since the two brand names usually come before the model name. OnePlus have been billing themselves as an upstart smartphone company, some of which were formerly with OPPO. Funny enough, if you abbreviate OnePlus One, it almost says OPPO but that just seems a bit ridiculous until you look at when the company was founded and when all of the trademarks


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GeForce GTX285 on sale, our specs confirmed

For the past couple of weeks, I’ve been closely following what’s going on with the 55nm refresh from Nvidia. GT200b (GT200-100-B2) series chips begun their life in Quadro CX and FX4800/5800 cards, and then started selling as GeForce GTX260 55nm. On January 8, 2009, Nvidia will officially introduce GeForce GTX285 1GB and GTX295 1.8 GB cards. Or that was the theory. As it usually happens, manufacturers “accidentally” started to sell early, and this time, the “honor” of going on sale first goes to GigaByte. Thanks to HKEPC, we learned that two Hong Kong shops sell GTX285 by Gigabyte. This means GigaByte will be remembered as