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Intel Doubles Down on VR and AR, Calls it Merged Reality

Slowly but certainly, Intel is unveiling its “Merged Reality” strategy. About a year and a half ago, Intel invested in Razer bringing the valuation of the said company to north of $1 billion. Exactly a year ago, that investment expanded with the launch of Open Source Virtual Reality or OSVR. Today, Razer is bringing Hacker Development Kit 2.0 to the market, and Intel announced their first lovechild codenamed Project Alloy. Project Alloy is best described as a VR Headset in the class of HTC Vive or Oculus Rift, but with the ability to “cut the VR cord”, since it features mobile processing similar to the


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Intel’s 2015 Roadmap Conundrum: Tick-Tock is Not a Swiss Clock

In my 30-year career as an IT hardware expert, I’ve seen thousands of roadmaps, leaked, manage-leaked and official alike. Many were on target, yet still quite a few headed for the “failed” dustbin. Among all of them, Intel’s “tick-tock” plan was probably the most ambitious one in terms of attempted consistency and predictability. Knowing the multiple interlinked uncertainties of semiconductor process, CPU architecture, ecosystem changes and others, it was a wonder in itself that it lasted for several years, until the major slippages occurred in the Sandy Bridge generation. From then on, not only there were major delays introduced to the high end lines as the


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IDF Shenzhen 2015: Intel’s Next Growth Strategy

2014 was all about convincing Chinese vendors to put Intel silicon in tablets. Now it’s all about the PC.


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Lisa Graff on 'The State of The Desktop Union'

For all Intel (NASDAQ: INTC) wants to hype new unproven markets such as wearables and mobile, desktop along with servers, are still the company’s cash cow. Intel didn’t share much in the line of desktops at IDF, as the company already made its big desktop related announcements earlier this year at the Game Developer Conference in San Fransisco as well as in June at Computex. The company did hint at Skylake, the successor to Broadwell, but didn’t reveal any important technical information (Skylake, however, was old news as its existence had been long leaked already). But as desktop is one of the two main pillars of


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Nvidia May Launch the GeForce GTX 880 in September

Nvidia Gamer's Day

Nvidia’s next-generation video card launch details may have been indadvertedly leaked by a Gigabyte executive. In an interview with Expreview, the executive claimed that Nvidia will unveil the GeForce GTX 880 in the month of September, with Gigabyte coming out with a custom card based on the reference design, dubbed the GTX 880 G1.Gamer.  Details of the card are scant at this moment, but it is estimated that Gigabyte’s GTX 880 will feature a thermal cooler that can handle loads as high as 650W, and will feature a silent cooling solution that makes little to no noise when running in idle load. Also rumored is