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Interview: Aldric Chang, CEO of Mixed Realms, Developers of Sairento VR

Sairento VR is a VR first-person action game sporting a futuristic neo-Tokyo aesthetic. It earned its place on our Top 10 VR Games of 2017 list, and because of that, we at VR World reached out to Aldric Chang to learn more about the development of Sairento and his insights on the VR industry. VRW: Can you introduce yourself to our readers? My name is Aldric Chang, CEO of Mixed Realms, the company behind Sairento VR. VRW: When was the idea for Sairento VR born?  Two years ago, when we were brainstorming what concept we wanted to come up with for a VR game. We


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Interview With Joseph Johnson, Owner of a Colorado Springs VR Arcade

After looking into local VR arcades in my area, I found one- Epic VR– based in the nearby Citadel Mall of Colorado Springs. After a brief email exchange with the owner of the place, I scheduled an interview with him in the middle of October. VR arcades offer quite a lot for people who can’t afford to buy full-fledged gaming setups and VR headsets, but still want to dip their toes into the next level of immersion in gaming. For this reason, I decided that an interview with the local owner of a VR arcade could prove educational, both for myself and for you, our


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The Swede Who Crafted One of the World’s Biggest Games

Markus Persson invented Minecraft, and should be a household name for this generation.


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Xiaomi VP says it is still over 12 months away from launching phones in US

Even though the Chinese mobile powerhouse Xiaomi recently reported sales of nearly 35 million smartphones in the first half of 2015, their entry into the North American market might still be months, if not years away. This has been further backed up by the recently revealed new statements about this issue from the company executive – and judging by the info released – Xiaomi might not be headed for the United States based showrooms any time soon. In a recent video interview with Bloomberg, Xiaomi’s Vice President of Global Operations Hugo Barra stated that the entry into the United States market poses a big undertaking


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CES Asia: How Will CEA Overcome the Challenges of Hosting a CES in Shanghai?

Hosting an event like CES in Shanghai is bound to have its challenges. But CES Asia’s Show Director explains how he’s planning to have a smooth show.


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Error-Free Computing: Unums Save Both Real and Virtual Battles

VR World chats with John Gustafson about the challenges of implementing universal numbers into hardware, and the benefits they offer computing.


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LifeBEAM: User Experience Should be Focus of Wearable Tech

In this interview with LifeBEAM, creator of embedded bio-sensing devices, we learn that wearables should not be intrusive. Instead, wearable device makers should design with a great user experience in mind.



Interview: Murray Newlands on Startups, Crowdfunding and the Future of Computing

Entrepreneur and PR strategist Murray Newlands shares insights on crowdfunding, startup marketing and what kind of startups VCs are funding.


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What Do Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality Need to Succeed?

Oculus’ big conference, Oclus Connect,  took place last weekend in Los Angeles, and while the company didn’t  unveil the consumer version it did show off a next-generation prototype version of the Oculus headset. Before the conference began VR World had a chance to sit down with Simon Solotko, founder of All Future Parties, a consultancy that partners with companies developing augmented reality products to help them accelerate and get to market. Below is the second part of the conversation. VR World: What sort of insight do you have into Oculus right now as the eventual release date for the consumer version of the Oculus headset


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Sunday wrapup: 10K visitors and two interviews

Have to admit, when I launched blog on October 13th, I had no idea that it will take less than a month to reach more than 10,000 visits to the site. Without any ads or talking around, the site is holding steady between 400 and 600 visitors daily, and the number is continuously growing. This is quite a promising information, and I am glad that more and more of you are coming to this blog – I had some issues with updating this past week, mostly due to relocation of stuff from Mountain House to San Francisco, and later trip to Croatia (flew on Wednesday