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New 9" Tegra K1 64-bit Nexus 9 Tablet Coming from HTC?

Nexus 9 Volantis

So, everyone was expecting LG to make the next Google Nexus tablet, or maybe ASUS since they’ve also been one of the part Nexus tablet partners. However, you’d be wrong to assume either of those are correct since the next Nexus 9 tablet looks to be coming from HTC and it looks like its going to be a real competitor. The new Nexus 9″ tablet codenamed Volantis (not to be confused with Lady Gaga’s flying dress) was outed by Android Police today with a full image and spec drop of the device. And based upon what we’re seeing, it looks like Nvidia booted Qualcomm out of


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Verizon Launches New 2×20 MHz AWS XLTE Service

Verizon XLTE

Verizon’s new XLTE service is merely a new branding scheme for the company to promote their new 2×20 MHz AWS band of data service. As of right now, most users are on Verizon’s 700 MHz frequency which is slowly getting overcrowded, so naturally Verizon would want to deploy a second frequency (which they have available). They are doing this by utilizing their 1700 MHz frequency AWS block  (similar to what T-Mobile has) in a 2×20 MHz implementation which ultimately results in speeds at or exceeding 80 Mbps. Right now, on Verizon’s 2×10 MHz block in their 700 MHz spectrum block most users are getting around