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Samsung Electronics to Announce Galaxy S7 in January 2016

Galaxy S6 Edge Plus will receive a replacement less than five months after its launch.

According to the Korean publication ET News, Samsung plans to change the product introduction cadence for their Galaxy S flagship lineup. According to sources in the supply chain, ET News claims the announcement of Samsung Galaxy S7 will come in January 2016, probably during the CES trade show in Las Vegas. The product announcement should follow with a complete turnaround in the company’s smartphone sector, by splitting Samsung’s models into Premium and Sub Premium, followed by Mainstream and Entry Level. If that sounds like a bad idea, you’re not the only one. The idea behind Samsung’s plan is a simple one. They want to attract more customers and diversify their lineup, but is


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Apple Q2 2015 Earnings: iPhone Sales Hit 61 Million


The iPhone shows no sign of slowing down as sales beat analyst expectations.


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Next iPhone May Feature Intel’s Blazing Fast XMM 7360 LTE Modem

Intel XMM 7360

Your next iPhone will come with an LTE modem manufactured by Intel.


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HTC Manager Describes iPhone as ‘Boring’

htc m9

HTC’s senior global online communications manager describes iPhone as a “boring handset” if it is compared with the “Hima.”


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Samsung May Become Major Processor Supplier for Apple in 2015: Research


The latest research by a U.S.-based brokerage said that Samsung may become the major processor supplier for Apple this year.


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Apple’s Q1 FY2015: Most Profitable Quarter in Corporate History


With record revenue and profits, impressive growth in China and an upcoming wearable device, Apple is in for a good start this FY2015.


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Xiaomi to Introduce Mi Note to Taiwan in Q2


Xiaomi is planning to introduce Mi Note to Taiwan during Q2


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Having SMS Problems After Ditching Apple and iMessage?

After Apple finally owned up to being the reason for undelivered SMS messages due to an iMessage bug, they have finally provided a fix for confused users.


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RomoCart Transforms Rooms Into Instant Race Courses


RC cars are still cool and all, but this Kickstarter-project based virtual go-kart track creator can make it even more exciting and action-packed.


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Anatomy of a Deal: What Went Wrong Between Apple and GT Advanced Technologies


The sapphire screen of the iPhone 6 was a no-show because its supplier couldn’t deliver at the eleventh hour. But was the deal Apple had with GT Advanced Technologies set up to see the company fail?


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Galaxy Alpha Teardown Finds Modular Hardware, Sturdy Build Quality

Galaxy Alpha

While the external design of the Galaxy Alpha is a marked difference from other Samsung phones, the teardown finds that the innards share a lot of resemblances with other devices offered by the South Korean vendor.


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iPhone Trade-in Statistics After iPhone 6 Launch

EcoATM has recently published numbers about trade-ins for smartphones after the launch of the new iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus, showing what’s being upgraded


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iPhone 6 Plus and iPhone 6 Prices in Different Countries

iPhone 6 Camera

Ever wonder what people in other countries are paying for their shiny new iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 pluses? Well, we’ve decided to look into the current Apple  listed prices for officially launched (or about to launch) countries in Europe, Asia and North America. Last time we looked at iPhone prices was with the iPhone 5S and by that point there were already dozens of countries launched. So, this time it was decided to start from the beginning and to continue to follow the market as it moves forward. There have already been reports of iPhones selling for over $1,500 in some markets, but the majority of those


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The New Apple: iPhone 6 and Watch

Apple Watch

There is no denying that Apple (NASDAQ: APPL) is a different company from the days when Steve Jobs walked the halls of the company’s Cupertino headquarters. Apple is now run by Tim Cook, Steve’s operations guru that managed to enable Apple’s ruthless efficiency and even more importantly their absolute profit margins. It comes as little surprise that Apple comes off as feeling dull to many since Jobs’ death in four years ago in 2011. Sure, four years is a long time in the tech world, but when it comes to a company like Apple, it takes time for someone’s impact to wane, like Jobs’. Let’s not forget that


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Great Deal on a Backup Battery Charger

Gorilla Gadgets Charger

We caught wind of a pretty sweet backup battery deal on, a daily deal website now owned by Amazon. This is for the Gorilla Gadgets CHR-150 Uhuru! 16,800 mAh External Portable Battery Pack Charger with LED Screen. Why is this a great deal? Because Amazon is selling it right now for $70, but is selling it for $40 and the suggested retail price is $140. But what makes this thing awesome? Well, other than the fact that it comes with three different charging connectors (microUSB, lightning and Apple 30-pin), it can also fully charge an iPad and an iPhone and probably still have


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Apple's iWatch to Have Major Health Focus, A Mistake?

Apple Logo iMessage iWatch Backdoor

Apple has been pushing heath and fitness heavily with their most recent campaign for the iPhone. This can be most noticeable in their recent ad campaign featuring Apple’s iPhone and a series of fitness applications and accessories, which include a multitude of wearables. Their campaign states, “You’re more powerful than you think.” So, what is Apple getting at here, exactly? That the iPhone, and Apple, can be at the very core of your physical and health success. Surely, there are plenty of people that are already using many of these devices on both their Android and iOS devices, so that doesn’t necessarily set Apple apart from


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IBM and Apple's Enterprise Partnership a Win for All

Apple IBM

Yesterday, Apple and IBM announced that they would be entering into a partnership where IBM would help Apple develop enterprise software for iOS devices and Apple would supply OS and hardware to enable those enterprise applications. This announcement marked the first partnership or relationship between the two companies since Apple stopped using IBM’s Power PC CPUs in their systems in 2006 with the last product announced in 2005. It’s been a long time since the two companies have worked together on anything and now that IBM is mostly a software company (They still have the Power Architecture and Power Chips for HPC) it makes sense


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Adobe Updates Creative Cloud, Tons of Desktop and Mobile Improvements

Adobe Creative Cloud

As we had reported, Adobe had said they would be making a plethora of updates to Creative Cloud for 2014 today. Most of the improvements to Creative Cloud that have been noted by Adobe have come to their most popular product, Adobe Photoshop CC. The major new features are, Blur Gallery which allows you to create motion blur effects in images, Perspective Wrap, which fluidly adjusts the perspective of a specific part of an image without affecting the surrounding area. They’ve also included Focus Mask which makes portraits with shallow depth of field stand out even more. We’ve got a video below from Adobe that explains


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More iPhone 6 Leaks, Taiwanese Celebrity Shows One Off

JimmyLin iPhone 6

We don’t normally post iPhone rumors unless they’re incredibly well substantiated and this one appears to be pretty legitimate. While the source of the rumor may be one that seems a bit off-kilter, this person who we are referring to has actually proven themselves in the past to be able to get legitimate iPhone hardware ahead of the launch. There have been countless rumors and leaks and all of the Mac and Apple fan sites will flood you with basically anything they can in order to ensure you click on it. Most of what we’ve seen online as of late has all culminated in Apple launching


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Apple Admits They're to Blame for Missing SMS iMessages

Apple Logo iMessage iWatch Backdoor

Apple has finally admitted that they are to blame for the constant issues that iMessage (iOS) users are having with communicating with anyone outside of iMessage with some SMS messages simply never getting delivered. This has been a fairly well-known issue and many people suspected that it was actually happening and then it was finally confirmed that Apple has acknowledged the issue and is working on a fix. iMessage has been around for a solid 3 years now and ever since it was launched with iOS 5 users have been experiencing issues with undelivered messages, this includes text and multimedia messages being sent to a