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Report: Apple Blocked Competing Music Services From iPod

Apple Net Neutrality

Court hears allegations that loading non-iTunes music onto an iPod made it crash.


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Apple Discontinued the iPod Classic Because of Difficulty Sourcing Parts

Tim Cook says redesigning the iconic player was a no-go because of lack of demand.


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Apple puts a green spin on its non-removable battery policy

It looks like Apple grew tired of going through reviews of their products, with each and every one criticizing their decision to go with non-removable battery. Regardless of that product being an iPod, iPhone or a MacBook Pro “Unibody”, media criticized that bit. But it is not just media, it is just the law of physics. Our web designer has two-year old $4200-paid MacBook Pro (1st Gen Intel) and the battery went “kapput”, as Germans would say. New battery exceeds $400 in Croatia, and for that price, he refuses to buy a new one. He also refuses to purchase a new unibody Mac, opting to