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Watch the First Single Jet General Aviation Plane in Action

Ever wanted to fly a jet engine powered aircraft? If your career was not set into becoming a commercial or a military pilot, you could only dream of getting your hands behind the steering yoke or flightstick of a plane costing into tens and even hundreds of millions of dollars. Not kidding here, world’s largest airplane, Airbus A380-800 goes for 428 million USD, and that’s without those four engines beneath its wings. Airbus’s realistic entry level plane, the A320-200 goes for 97 million. Without engines, of course. Those prices are just crazy, so what do you do? Do you dig deep into X-Plane and Flight Simulator and


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Top Five Best Looking Jet Fighters

For as long as there are military jets, there was a heated debate running about the best looking jet fighters ever made. The usual internet discussion participants always have their own particular favorites. For the most part, particular choices are subjective. However, common sense and the general feeling of what’s good looking, can help us yield some rather viable candidates for the top five looking jets ever made. We’ve kept this short for the sole purpose of adding just what we feel is best looking. Some will argue a few of these planes shouldn’t have a place on this list, while some will vocally support them. On