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Qualcomm Wants to Lead Us to 4K

Hayden Planetarium Qualcomm 4K

Last week, Qualcomm (NASDAQ: QCOM) held a press and analyst event in New York City, spread across the Plaza Hotel and the Hayden Planetarium. It was a combination of a wireless modem workshop with a 4K content push. The day began with presentations from Verizon, Ovum, JPR and Qualcomm. These presentations were followed up by a demo session showing off Qualcomm’s various wireless technological capabilities including their LTE Broadcast capabilities as well as WiGig, which was one of the focal technologies of the day. Later in the evening, Qualcomm held a press event with film makers to talk about 4K as well as the CTO of


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Desktop GPUs Shrunk in Q1, Nvidia Held Marketshare


According to Jon Peddie’s latest GPU marketshare numbers for Q1 2014, the add-in board market shrunk 0.8% year over year and a more expected 6.7% quarter over quarter. Most people expect GPU seasonality between Q1 and Q4 regardless of what year it is, but the 0.8% decrease year over year is still an indication of basically flat growth/slight shrinkage. Even though, this is significantly less than in laptops and the overall PC business in terms of shrinkage. for the GPU market as a whole, shipments were down 11.6% quarter-to-quarter, and down 4% compared to the same quarter last year. This is clearly a lot worse


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A big thank you: 6K visitors, Top 1000 F@H Team

The last hour of Friday, October 31st brought two milestones for this blog and myself personally: blog passed 6000 visitor mark, almost 800 came to visit the site today. I started this blog with a goal of reaching 5000 page impressions by the end of the month, and that goal has been surpassed by a cool thousand. My goal for November is to attract 10,000 visitors in a single month, so I hope the content will be good enough and that the goal will be reached. There are already several big stories in the pipeline for next week, so I hope I will be able