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New HTC Phone Competes with Moto G Dual Sim

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HTC launched its Desire 516 Dual Sim in India with a budget price tag of Rs. 14,200 ($237 USD). It is being seen as an alternative to the higher priced Moto G Dual Sim at Rs. 19,999 ($333 USD) or about the equivalent of $100 less. Motorola customers may be ready to make the change not only because of price, but also because of dissatisfaction with performance. Some units of the Moto G with unregistered IMEI numbers would not work on domestic networks in India. Motorola offered affected customers full refunds, replacements, and credits to their Flipkart account. The HTC Desire 516 claims to run on


Android, Mobile Computing, Operating Systems, Software Programs, VR World

Google Updates KitKat Camera App

Earlier this week, Google quietly updated the stock camera app in Android KitKat 4.4 compatible devices, steadily rolling out this update to more phone models through the coming weeks. The Camera app feels streamlined overall, with noticeable changes in camera performance, features, and especially UI.  This of course stems from Google receiving sub-par feedback for image quality on their “flagship” Nexus devices, and since mid-2013 it’s become their main mission for mobile. LG already packed a decent camera on the Nexus 5, but in its first weeks of release, the final image compression really caused sour response from Android enthusiasts.  Snapping shots on other apps like