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PC Market Sees Resurgence in EU and US, Shrinkage in Asia

PC Market

The global PC market has essentially been flat for the third quarter of this year, but Europe and the US are bright spots, indicating that the PC is strong


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Lenovo Will Be Getting a Deal on IBM’s x86 Server Division

The geopolitics of the US-China relationship are giving Lenovo an upper hand in its deal for IBM’s x86 server division.


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Lenovo Announces Intel-Powered Tab S8

Being the world’s largest notebook vendor, Lenovo has a great relationship with Intel, which it is leveraging by launching a new Intel-powered tablet running Android, dubbed the Lenovo Tab S8. As the name indicates, the tablet is an 8-inch offering featuring a full-HD IPS display. With most tablets in the low-cost Android segment running Qualcomm or MediaTek hardware, Lenovo is banking on Intel’s Bay Trail architecture for the Tab S8.   Under the hood, the Tab S8 is powered by the 1.8 GHz quad-core Intel Atom Z3745 CPU, 2 GB RAM, 16 GB internal memory, frontal speakers and Android 4.4 KitKat. Although there isn’t a


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Lenovo Now Ships More Smartphones Than PCs

Top PC maker Lenovo is now shipping more smartphones than PC units. Lenovo’s PC industry may be as booming as ever, but its smartphone industry is finally getting a few steps ahead. In its financial report for the second quarter of 2014 submitted just this week, it was shown that the number of smartphones that the company has shipped has now exceeded the number of PCs that it had distributed during the same quarter. For the previous five consecutive quarters before the first half of 2014, Lenovo has enjoyed the highest global market shares in the PC industry, eventually accounting for at least 19.6% of


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Japanese Summer is all Beaches and Tablets for Lenovo

Lenovo surfs the hot waves of Japanese summer with a marketing idea combining beaches and tablets. Summers in Japan may be notoriously hot, but it is one of the better reasons for people to hit the beaches there. In fact, Lenovo’s latest marketing strategy in Japan rides on this very notion, with a little familiar twist of course. If you’re already used to iPads as food menus, then the idea may already be quite familiar, though this may offer something  a bit more. The Lenovo House Beach Marche, as it is called, looks like an unassuming little beach house plastered with Lenovo flags and tarps


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IBM Becomes Target of Chinese Bank Security Study

IBM Logo

In what appears to be a retaliation to the US official claims of Chinese Government Officials hacking US companies, the Chinese government has quietly advised their banks to review their security policies and hardware implementations, especially those with IBM hardware. While this study of Chinese Banking security risks is not an official or public one, Bloomberg has spoken to four sources that confirm that such a review is under way and is currently focused on IBM, but likely involves others as well. IBM itself has a very interesting history in China as the company claims to have been doing business there for the past 30


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Motorola and LG are Launching New Phones Next Month

Motorola and LG

It seems as though May is going to be a pretty busy month in the smartphone industry, much like April was. This month we saw the Launch of the HTC One M8 as well as the Samsung Galaxy S5, after their announcements in the months before. Now, it appears to be Motorola’s and LG’s turn as Motorola is rumored to be announcing the Moto E and Moto X+1 on May 13th and LG is expected to launch the LG G3 on the 27th, an update to the G2 from last year. The G2 last year was a fantastic phone and really cemented LG’s platform in


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AirLive introduces high-range USB adapter (finally!)

If you’re pissed (politically correct statement: disappointed) with the pathetic Wi-Fi range your notebook provides, there are two things that you are going to do: a)    Throw your old notebook out and ask for MacBook Pro or Lenovo StinkPad b)    Get an USB adapter with an antenna If you’re outta finances to buy a new notebook that has dual-antennas and is able to enhance the reception on its own (for instance, I own HP’s tabletPC – tx1000 – and it has a single sucky antenna), option B is most likely. The number of Wi-Fi USB adapters on the market is huge, but there are only