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AVC launches a cooler for upcoming Intel Core i5 processor

In case you never heard about AVC, this company is a well-known large OEM/ODM manufacturer of cooling equipment. If you own a retail boxed processor from either Intel or AMD, chances are that in the past or present, you had AVC-built cooler bundled with the CPU. As company description explains, this company has extremely long lead-times, needed for implementation into designs of computers from manufacturers such as Dell, HP, Acer and many others. If we take into account that the mainstream Nehalem platform (Lynnfield and Clarkdale processors, probably branded as Core i3 & i5) is set to debut this summer, it’s no wonder that i5


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EXCLUSIVE – Intel cans 45nm “Auburndale” and “Havendale” Fusion CPUs!

Intel cancels CPU+GPU parts based on 45nm Havendale and Auburndale cores. No Core i3 in 2009!


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Intel Core i7 965 Gallery – from Silicon to Benchmarks!

Following my yesterday’s article, I received news that GTX280 kicked the bucket so my friend decided to install the ATI Radeon HD 4870X2 as a replacement, and the machine is now working like a clockwork. I won’t go into fashion decisions, as I am not a big fan of acrylic cases, but I wish my friend all the best when it comes to cleaning up. When it comes to the CPU itself, Intel Core i7 965 (codename: Bloomfield) works at 1.6 GHz in SpeedStep mode, and works at 3.4 GHz by default. E.g. it works in ASUS motherboard at 3.4 GHz by default, since the