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Must See: This CGI Image looks Completely Real

Breaking Bad is a legendary TV show which set new records for limited-viewing series (subcription only) and will be remembered as one of shows that marked 2010s. However, what is most impressive is that the show did not utilize any sort of digital trickery, or digital magic. It was shot using 35mm film, which gave the producers that old grainy look and feel. In fact, cinematographer Michael Slovis pushed for using 35mm cinematic cameras instead of TV-standard 16mm or digital footage. In an 2013 interview with Forbes, Mr. Slovis was quoted saying that they deliberately wanted to remain analog. “When we started the name of the station was


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Digital Art Just Got Real With Ed

Chris Jones Mr Head Ed

People are always talking about when digitally created art will surpass the point of realism, well, today may actually be the day that it happens. There have been countless CGI faces created from scans of real people’s faces and others that were drawn by artists, but the most realistic ones still come from digital scans of real people with vast amounts of depth data and minute flaws. This virtual world of computer generated people has slowly but surely been moving towards a point where one cannot tell the difference between a computer generated image and one that is simply a photo or a video of