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Snapchat’s big bet on augmented marketing

Snapchat may have debuted as a platform for impermanent messaging, but in recent years they’ve also emerged as a leader in augmented reality. Speaking to people in public about AR may raise some eyebrows, but explaining that things like their favourite Snapchat Lenses or Pokemon Go are the result of AR will instantly familiarize them. Having long embraced the new technology in its application, Snapchat is now embracing an AR marketing initiative on multiple fronts. The most prominent of these stories to come out recently is in Shoppable AR, a platform through which advertisers can use augmented reality to advertise their products within the Snapchat


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Asus’ Balls of Steel vs. Apple’s Golden MacBook and Watch

Asus gets aggressive in its marketing, and goes after Apple’s two new flagship products.


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Google Taiwan Lanches “Digital Mars Initiative”

Google Taiwan launched a program to help and train Taiwanese young talents for marketing.


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GetResponse Talks Adaptive Design, Mobile-First Approach, and Expansion to Asia

GetResponse kicks off its ASEAN expansion. Our interview highlights key opportunities in this market, as well as the importance of adaptive design and mobile-first strategies.


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Japanese Summer is all Beaches and Tablets for Lenovo

Lenovo surfs the hot waves of Japanese summer with a marketing idea combining beaches and tablets. Summers in Japan may be notoriously hot, but it is one of the better reasons for people to hit the beaches there. In fact, Lenovo’s latest marketing strategy in Japan rides on this very notion, with a little familiar twist of course. If you’re already used to iPads as food menus, then the idea may already be quite familiar, though this may offer something  a bit more. The Lenovo House Beach Marche, as it is called, looks like an unassuming little beach house plastered with Lenovo flags and tarps


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Why even the TIME magazine can’t cut through marketing B.S.?

While sitting in Lufthansa’s First Class lounge at the Franz- Joseph-Strauss airport (Munich), which is undoubtedly one of, if not the best transit airport in the world, I was going through the latest issue of TIME magazine. Personally, I grew up reading TIME, Newsweek and papers such as The Guardian, Telegraph and International Herald Tribune, with a subset of local papers, whatever country of my residence was. And these papers inspired me to become a journalist, as I learned the importance of right information at the right time. But most importantly, information had to be truthful, regardless of subjective views of local authorities – and