Microsoft’s Windows Phone Conundrum in India

With Google (NASDAQ:GOOGL) asserting more control in the entry-level segment with the launch of Android One, the budget handset segment is poised for another major change. Microsoft (NASDAQ:MSFT) has fared incredibly well in this segment with the Lumia 520, which is the software (and now hardware) maker’s most successful handset. However, the limitations of the Lumia 520, mainly in the form of 512 MB RAM and the lack of a front camera, combined with the fact that there are several Android-based alternatives that offer a better feature-set for a similar price mean that users are gravitating away to other ecosystems. With that in mind, Microsoft


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Microsoft’s Xbox One launch flops in Japan

[Photo: Famitsu] Microsoft’s (NASDAQ: MSFT) Xbox One console recently launched in Japan on September 4, and so far the all-in-one system has been met with markedly lukewarm reception in the Japanese market. A lowly 23, 562 consoles were sold in the first week of launch availability, Famitsu reports, making it a considerable flop. In comparison, Japan’s Xbox 360 launch saw more than 60,000 units sold back in 2005. What attributed to this lack of sales? As Kotaku reports, a handful of big-name Japanese retailers resembled vacant ghost-towns during the Xbox One’s midnight launch. So far the Xbox One exclusive Titanfall leads Japanese game sales charts for the console with 22,416 copies sold, followed by the


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RIP Nokia, Long Live Microsoft Devices Group

So, on Friday the Nokia devices and handset division was officially absorbed into Microsoft’s corporate structure and folded into Microsoft’s Devices Group. This officially marks the end of Nokia as an independent handset maker and completes the acquisition that Microsoft had made when they bought the handset division from Nokia (now NSN). It seems as though many of Nokia’s employees will be joining Microsoft today as Microsoft employees, however, the company will only be taking on approximately 25,000 employees from Nokia as they are still going to be leaving a few factories with Nokia due to legal limitations. Elop participated in a Q&A today as