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The Enigma of CS:GO’s eSports Economy

While most video games possess some semblance of an economy, even if that’s just trading bottle caps for heavy artillery (as in Fallout’s perversion of the barter system), online games and competitions under the eSports banner take the concept so much further. Free-to-play MMOs in particular usually finance their servers with nickel and dime payments, letting players buy access to new areas, earn powerful buffs, or gamble on the outcome of loot boxes. Knives and Stickers It’s the same for competitive games and multiplayer online battle arenas (MOBAs), which, while occupying a niche distinct to the MMO, nevertheless given their players the option of using


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New Dragon’s Dogma Online Trailer Shows Off Fantastic Battles

Capcom shows off a fine glimpse at their new Japanese-exclusive online RPG set in the Dragon’s Dogma universe.


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Elder Scrolls Online Goes Free To Play, PS4 and Xbox One Launch Revealed

Microtransactions are coming to Tamriel and Xbox One/PS4 owners finally get a definitive release date for Elder Scrolls Online.


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Destiny Review: The Fault in Our Stars

Destiny is an expansive, evolving interstellar adventure, but Bungie has yet to tap into the game’s massive potential.