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Radiation Shielding meets Fashion: Third Gen WTFJeans are Here

Like it or not, we pay most of our attention to the gadgets we buy, not where we put them. Growing number of devices we have to wear daily resulted that the modern man defaults to a ‘manpurse’ – put one or two phones in, a wallet, keys and you find yourself in a bind when it comes to meeting the airline regulations of one carry-on and one personal item. A while ago, we reviewed the second generation WTFJeans, as a way to put your phones in an easy to reach pocket which cleans the screen immediately (thanks to microfiber interior), but the innovative founder


Business, Enterprise, Hardware, VR World

Microsoft Board Names Satya Nadella CEO, Gates Steps Down as Chairman

Microsoft’s CEO search has finally ended with the appointment of Satya Nadella to CEO by Microsoft’s Board of Directors. They have finally selected someone to replace Steve Ballmer after the sudden and unexpected announcement of his departure. Microsoft’s CEO search started with people like Ford’s current CEO Allan Mulally and Qualcomm’s soon-to-be CEO Steve Mollenkopf, who actually got the position earlier than anyone had expected because of Microsoft’s offer to make him CEO. Qualcomm obviously couldn’t let that happen so instead they promoted Mollenkopf from COO to CEO earlier than anyone would have expected. There are some very interesting parallels between the two companies but


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My blog goes mobile!

In case you own a cellphone that is not equipped with a fully fledged internet browser or want to see a quick update of this blog done RSS-style, you might want to check my site using the following address: . When you click on this address, it will be forwarded through Mippin servers and the site will be shown to you in a mobile way. Well, at least it looks like it – light on pictures, and heavy on the content. Since I am known for writing longer stories, I beg your scroll key for patience and forgiveness. 🙂 Welcome to and thanks